These are photographs of the professional baseball stadiums I have visited. I took some of the pictures and my dad took the other ones. Baseball stadiums are absolutely beautiful creations. As you can see in the photographs, ballparks have the unique ability to unite all different types of people. Hopefully you can share my enjoyment of these magnificent beauties.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Although it’s not a stadium, the National Baseball Hall of Fame should be one of the first stops on anyones baseball stadium viewing tour. The Hall of Fame has room upon room of baseball memorabilia that could make any avid baseball fan as giddy as a kid at a candy shop. Although it would take days to see everything the museum has to offer, any visit you have time to make would be well worth it.

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The Jake

Jacob’s Field will always be my second home. The atmosphere is electric and Cleveland has some of the best fans around.  The first two of these pictures are from 1994 during the first game played at Jacob’s Field. The grand opening featured Bill Clinton and Bob Feller throwing ceremonial pitches, a performance by the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra, and a Tribe walk-off victory over the Seattle Mariners.

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Progressive Field

When Jacob’s Field was renamed Progressive Field in 2008, I remember feeling utter confusion. How could something I grew up with all of a sudden change names? What would we call it now….the Prog? To this day, many fans still call the stadium The Jake. Although the name Progressive Field has grown on me, I will always remember this stadium as the Jake.

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The K

I visited Kauffman Stadium in 2003 when my family went on an “out west adventure.” We stopped in Independence, Missouri to visit my dad’s cousin, a longtime Tribe fanatic. We had the opportunity to attend a Royals-Twins game. From what I can remember, the stadium was absolutely gorgeous with the fountains behind the home run fence. Since then, the stadium has been remodeled. I will always remember the way the stadium looked in the eyes of an eight year old.

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The House That Ruth Built

Old Yankee Stadium was brimming with tradition. Countless members of the Hall of Fame walked on that field and sat in the dugouts. I am extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to visit this stadium before it was demolished. It was a priceless experience to take part in such a rich history.

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The House that Jeter Built

It was an awesome experience to be able to New Yankee Stadium and be a part of the new traditions that have only just begun. The experience also came with an extra significance as the visit was during Derek Jeter’s final season. Being able to watch Jeter in his home stadium will be a moment I will never forget.

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PNC Park

The Pittsburgh Pirates might not be one of the best teams in the MLB, but the stadium where they play is among the best. It has a perfect location with a beautiful view of the skyline.

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The Friendly Confines

Wrigley Field is another one of the classic, must-see stadiums. It has a quaint, old-fashioned feel. The ivy is beautiful to see in person, the rooftop seating is a unique idea, and the manually operated scoreboard is a refreshing blast from the past. Cubs fans are such a loyal bunch, it was a privilege to join them for an afternoon.

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Fenway Park

Fenway Park has to be at the top at any baseball fans list of stadiums to visit. The Green Monster alone is an amazing site to take in. Also, just the fact that so many amazing moments in baseball history occurred in that very spot, makes the stadium unforgettable. It may not be the most viewer-friendly stadium, but all of that is forgotten when you think about the tradition it houses.

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Great American Ballpark

Great American Ballpark is a beautiful stadium with a great location along the Ohio River. A unique feature of the stadium is the Riverboat Deck out in center field. It serves as a venue for parties in the stadium, but it is craftily built to resemble a boat floating on the river. The stadium has a very clean feel to it and was a pleasure to visit.

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  1. You bring back many good memories, Rosie! I can’t believe you saved so many ticket stubs!!!

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